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The Valle del Vanoi is in the eastern part of Trentino has given its name from the Vanoi river which flows along its basin.
Within Vanoi valley are many other small valleys set in the mountains, the most important of which is the Valle del Lozen, which is where albergo serenella is located. Valle del Lozen lies at the bottom of the Cima Folga, near Lago di Calaita and running beside the Lozen river to where it flows into the Vanoi river, 1000 metres below its source high in the surrounding mountains. On the north-eastern side of the valley are Dolomites with the peaks of the Pale di San Martino. On the north-western side, you find the Lagorai range. To the south-west, the massif of Cima d'Asta and to the south, Monte Totoga. The secluded position of the valley, far from busy, crowded touristic areas, has permitted the preservation of a rich and diverse heritage of flora and fauna. Indeed, this natural diversity is one of the most varied in Trentino.

Serving as a natural border between the Austria-Hungarian Empire and the Kingdom of Italy during the First World War. Valle del Vanoi is characterised beyond the forest by the abundant mushrooms that grow on the sides of the mountain as far as the eye can see. There, you'll also find traditional Alpine huts and Masi, typical houses built with tree-trunks mounted upon one another, their roofs covered with Scandole, small boards carved from the wood of the trees that has undergone a special process of cutting and drying out.

Canal San Bovo is the municipality of Valle del Vanoi. The valley includes the villages of Zortea, Prade, Cicona, Passo Gobbera, Ronco and Caoria. Zortea, located 1027 metres above sea-level, is the main town in the Lozen valley. The whole area around Zortea, indeed the whole municipality of Canal San Bovo, is part of the Natural Park of Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino.

Thanks to the serene and untouched natural setting that distinguishes Valle del Lozen it is often possible, at sunrise or sunset, and especially in the spring and autumn seasons, to observe the deer and the stag grazing on the grass of the fields, and only a few steps from the door of the hotel.
Staying here is an exciting experience, rich with the sensations and fragrances that only our valley can offer you.
Come and meet us! Come and discover the valley!

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