Albergo Serenella

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Discover the Dolomites, hiking or biking all over the four seasons; fishing on the river or on the lake and the magic of a snowy winter
Happiness for the children, peace for the parents
Zortea is a typical small Alpine village, surrounded by forests and fields where you can run, jump and play without worries. It's the perfect playground for children!

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Explore the Dolomites
Wake up to a hearty breakfast, put on your backpack and, in a single stride from the albergo, you're already on the trails that lead up to the summit. This is the wonderful place where you can experience the natural beauty of the mountains at their purest, between Pale di San Martino - pure Dolomites, the range of Cima d'Asta and the ridge of Lagorai.

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My bike and me
The roads that lead up to the mountains, through the Dolomites' Pass, are legendary to  bycling lovers who have seen the Giro d'Italia and its champions pass through many times. Ride this way to experience a range of emotions at every turn. You can start your ascent from the albergo serenella - it's right in the middle of the Dolomite's Pass where you'll feel the thrill of starting your own personal Giro.

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Passion for fishing
The quiet water of the river Vanoi, the rushing creek of Val Sorda, the wild stream Folga or even the river Lozen and its blissful tranquility. These are just some of the various and different creeks distinguishing the Vanoi valley.

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Winter love

Dive into our forests, our Dolomites and the Lagorai range and enter a world of magic.

The varied trails, pure and untouched at this time of year, provide a unique experience when you put on the Craspe (typical local snowshoes) and set out for your daily or night tour.

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