Fishing Paradise: cast your line into the waters of the Dolomites

Fishing in Pure Nature

The quiet water of the river Vanoi, the rushing creek of Val Sorda, the wild stream Folga or even the river Lozen and its blissful tranquility. These are just some of the various and different creeks distinguishing the Vanoi valley.

The clear and fresh waters are inhabited by the queen of trout, the Marmorata. This typical Alpine trout shares the river with both the Fario and Iridea (rainbow) trout.

The untouched natural environment around you completes the perfect site for a fishing lover. Here you can enjoy fly-fishing and game fishing walking alongside the river and its falls.

But if you prefer to fish on the lake, then Lago di Calaita, a natural Dolomite's lake at 1600m above sea-level, is ideal for you.

For more information check the local fisherman's association at Associazioni Pescatori del Vanoi