Mountains are looking at you

In the midst of the mountains - where silence and beauty are all around you.

Wake up to a hearty breakfast, put on your backpack and, in a single stride from the albergo, you're already on the trails that lead up to the summit. This is the wonderful place where you can experience the natural beauty of the mountains at their purest, between Pale di San Martino - pure Dolomites, the range of Cima d'Asta and the ridge of Lagorai.

The perfect position of albergo serenella, at 1027m above sea-level (3368ft), serves as the perfect base camp to start your hike. Around this area you'll find a wide range of trails suitable for all different levels.
There are marked trails to guide you and give you an idea of where to start your excursions - at beginner - intermediate - experienced levels.
Both in the summer and the winter season, your love for the mountains will be met with the warm welcome you'll receive at Albergo Serenella when you return from the peak.

The municipality of Canal San Bovo, where Zortea is located, has a larger area of forest than any other in Italy. You'll pass by firs, larches and beeches every step of the way as you ascend from the grazing fields and the stables up to the very summit of the mountain where a magnificent view awaits.